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The NTS is designed to monitor your narcotics from storage to go-bag to ambulance and then back to storage.

The NTS is outfitted with our high-security CyberLock Access Control System. Locks cannot be picked, keys cannot be duplicated. The CyberAudit software can grant or restrict individual permissions to specific locks.

Each time a key is used, a record of that event is stored in both the lock and the key. Access granted and access denied events are both recorded. 

Stage One


For installations that return narcotics to storage after their shift, we have 8 & 16-door lockers with master doors.  Now you can track when the narcotics were added and removed for transport.

Stage Two


Our small box (EAW-NTSSB) is designed to be lightweight and secure.  You can go from storage to the field without adding extra weight to your packs.

Stage Three

On-Board Storage

Our large box (EAW-NTSLB) is designed to be secured on the truck.  The small box fits inside with room left for anything else that needs to be secure.

All boxes have ventilation for temperature control.

Narcotic Tracking SYSTEM (NTS)