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Not Just a Lock.

All locking systems are not the same. Some have “bump-resistant” technology and others have “hybrid” pin technology to help prevent unauthorized access. While these products have their uses, their limitation is that they have a key-way that can be tampered with. We sell cylinders that do not have that limitation and that will not grant access even if damaged.

From products to support, everything we do is to enhance your perception of what security should be. Our clients have come to rely upon our many years of experience and when you contact us you can expect the best.


  • Access Control / Electronic Lock System 
  • Digital Surveillance Cameras
  • Narcotics Tracking System
  • Guard Tour Systems
  • Key Tracking Cabinets

Data Hosting / Locksmith Services

  • Off-Site hosting solutions for your access control system
  • ​Lock / Door hardware and services for your locksmith needs
Left is a normal CyberLock cylinder and right is a damaged cylinder after an attempted break-in. The damaged cylinder did not allow access.
Bottom right picture is what is seen in full view. Folder is approximately 5 feet away from cameras. The folders are what is seen using 4X digital zoom for Analog (Upper Left), 1.3 Megapixel (Upper Right), and 3.0 Megapixel (Lower Left) cameras.

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EAW Security is a long-standing sales, installation, and service company located in Blue Bell, PA.


Your security is important. Having a system in place to prevent theft or deter vandalism is essential for everyone. EAW Security specializes in products and services to help you not only prevent incidents but also to help investigate those incidents better.

Your security. Enhanced.

We offer products that surpass the minimum necessary to achieve basic security. We believe that security should be enhanced to provide the best results possible. This is how we choose our products and why we implement them the way we do, instead of just offering basic security.

Cheaper is Never Better.

Analog cameras will always be less expensive than megapixel cameras. However, when reviewing footage after an incident, you don’t want to be disappointed when you can’t determine a person’s identity or don’t have identifiable information. This is why we will always suggest megapixel over analog.

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